A famous Showgirl In Vegas: Maris Digiovanni, was killed by a man with a Knife

Maris Digiovanni Death

A Showgirl who was attacked on the Las Vegas Strip along with seven other people by a man brandishing a knife passed away in the arms of a friend.

One of the two fatalities from the Las Vegas shooting spree on Thursday was Maris Digiovanni, a showgirl for the Best Showgirls in Vegas. The woman passed away as another showgirl did CPR, according to Digiovanni’s manager Cheryl Lowthorp, who spoke to the New York Post. He stabbed Maris in the heart, Lowthorp told the publication.

Lowthorp has established a GoFundMe page to assist her impacted staff. Donations for the event have already totaled thousands of dollars. According to Lowthorp, Digiovanni was an “outstanding young woman.” “She went on to say that she had toured the world and worked as an English teacher in Hong Kong.

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