7 Police Officers Injured After Villagers Attack Police Station Over The Death Of A 40 Years Old That Sold Illicit Drugs

The death of a 40-year-old has led to Mob attack on a police station, the 40years old was reportedly found dead in the lockup after being arrested over the sale of illicit liquor.

The death news of the 40 years old aroused the anger of villagers, who thrashed the property and personnel in Pranpur Police station.

On Saturday, The Pranpur Police station in Bihar’s Katihar district witnessed a rampage by the villagers after an alleged custodial death.. Villagers barged into the station premises, damaged public property and could not have been contained until reinforcements from other police stations were brought in.

40-year-old Pramod Kumar Singh was brought in on September 16 for the possession of illegal bottles of liquor in the dry state. Armed villagers began attacking the police officers after the news and severely injured about seven policemen.

Bihar government had banned the manufacture, trade, storage, transportation, sale, and consumption of liquor in the state since April 2016, after which it has been treated as a punishable offence under the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act.

After the arrest, the policemen were preparing the documents to produce Singh before a court when they happened to have found him dead in the lockup.

Acting Superintendent of Police (SP) Daya Shankar said that “The situation could only be brought under control after additional security personnel were called in from nearest police stations.”

Those reported to have sustained injuries include those among the reinforcements as well. Seven policemen in total, including two station house officers, were found injured during the incident.

After the villager attacked the police station, the injured station house officers have been identified as Manitosh Kumar of Pranpur Police Station and Shailesh Kumar of Dandkohra Police Station.

All those found injured have been admitted to the Katihar district hospital and have reportedly returned to stable condition.

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